Investment Management. Unlocking value.

Our Core Investment Strategy employs a value-based, catalyst-driven investment discipline. The investment process is one where in-house, fundamental research and analysis drive all decisions. We actively seek to identify securities where a catalyst exists that will help unlock value for investors. Portfolios are generally comprised of approximately 20-30 liquid securities.

Our objective is to seek superior annualized returns over a multi-year time frame. We believe that the ability to make sizable commitments to well-researched opportunities gives us a competitive advantage and provides for potential out-sized returns.

In addition to our core strategy, we utilize separate and complementary investments to customize client portfolios. This allows us to clearly align a portfolio with a client’s risk tolerance, time horizon, and investment objectives.

We invest in a wide variety of securities and financial instruments in the public markets, both domestically and abroad. We trade in common and preferred stocks, corporate bonds, bank loans and other debt securities, convertible securities, ETFs, options, warrants, cash and cash equivalents.

Our Investment Group is structured using a team-oriented approach, as we value the expertise, insight and contributions of each team member. Every relationship manager is involved in the strategy, analysis and decision making of managing client portfolios.

"Some wealth management firms focus on financial planning, while others focus more on investment management. Rarely do you find a firm with the right group of people, under one roof, who can excel at both."

-Mark Meulenberg, CIO