Financial Planning. Defining your unique vision.

We believe financial planning is an ongoing process – the ever evolving collaboration between client and advisor. There are many pieces to your financial puzzle. Our four-phase financial planning process carefully and diligently organizes them so that we can begin to help you build your financial plan, one piece at a time.

1. Discover

We start by sitting with you, armed only with pen and paper, and asking you important questions and absorbing your answers. We listen intently so we can understand what you care about most, and why. We encourage you to share your dreams, opportunities, and challenges. We learn about what you would like to see happen and, equally as significant, what you would like not to see happen.

2. Plan

The financial plan we develop with you will define your unique vision and set a clear blueprint for realizing it. Our recommendations will be personalized, actionable, and measurable.

3. Implement

This phase is where we turn the corner from planning to doing. Whether your financial plan calls for major changes or just a few refinements, we forge ahead with you to implement our recommendations. From investment account transfers to estate planning strategies, our team will handle the details, in control at every turn, and keep you in the loop along the way.

4. Assess

We monitor and assess your progress against your objectives. A good financial plan is not static—it should change as your circumstances change, and as the global economic and political landscapes change. We meet with you regularly to provide reviews and make modifications, to help ensure that your financial plan is current and dynamic.

There is peace of mind in knowing that you are making informed decisions and wise choices now that will help you–and your family–enjoy the lifestyle you hope for in the future.

What do you care about most, and why? Share your dreams, opportunities, and challenges with us. Our recommendations will be personalized, actionable, and measurable.